1975 Yamaha RD-350This page is dedicated to my various modes of transportation. Some of them don't run, like my RD-350 here... Others do run and run well. Each page talks about my histroy with it, and what I am doing to it now.

My history with cars started with my father Gordon. Dad and his car club have always been into vintage "pre-war" cars. These are cars that were manufactured prior to 1949. Growing up dad had a great 1937 Woody, followed by a challenging project that was a 1929 Model A recovered from a field somewhere I believe.

1948 Chev Coupe Currently he rolls a 1948 Chev Coupe. The joke that I like to make is that dads car genes were slit between my brother and I. But it was like in the movie Twins. Ryan got the genes that were for cool 60's muscle cars, and I got the genes for "gaudy 70's tanks". As you can see from the Hearse and Riviera, I believe I personally own something like 10% of the worlds steel reserves.