Living in Australia

After I completed my college studies I left to live in Australia with my then girl-friend, and still friend Patsy Rennie. Patsy and I had met at Eastridge Christian Assembly at their college group. She was here staying with friends so she could tour the area a little before heading home. Within a couple days we had gotten close and within a week or two felt very strongly for each other. After several weeks Patsy returned home and I finished college. College was done in December of 1996 and January 1 of 1997 I left for Sydney Australia.

Having never spent time in a foreign country this was a great adventure for me. Patsy's parents put up with me during those months and I am eternally thankful. Anne Rennie as it turned out was a Australian national best-selling author and her work can be found here. Jim Rennie was a software developer and he and I got on quite well.

Never before had I really found a place in the world where I felt at home like I did in Beecroft. Don't get me wrong, I adore Washington State here in the US, but the culture and the environment there in Australia just clicked with who I was.