Environmentally sound cooling

I have to give some big props to Attic Breeze for making an outstanding product. Today I installed my new AB-201A solar powered attic vent and man it blows... seriously. During the fall of 2008 my neighbor and I insulated our attic. Our homes are both the product of mid-70's construction and lacked very thick insulation in the attic. Consequently we lost a lot of heat through the ceiling during the winter, and roasted during the summer. With nice new R30 batting installed, we gained the thermal efficiency back, but I discovered a new problem. The attic didn't have a lot of ventilation to begin with, and with the new insulation, it made the issue even worse. I was recording temperatures in the low 140's F! On top of that I discovered that I had a condensation problem now. Under the right conditions a little moisture would build up on the trusses. Bad. Not wanting to run electrical into the attic and burn more energy I started looking for an alternative. That's when I found Attic Breeze. They manufacture this awesome solar powered attic vent fan. It is all self contained and is a pretty impressive structure. Heavy gauge steel that is powder coated and a sturdy solar panel that is all rated for winds up to 130mph! It all took about 2 hours. Cut hole in roof, slip in place, nail down. Pretty stinkin simple if you ask me. The final installation looks fairly professional!