2004 Aprilia RSVR Factory

It all started some time ago. Mostly with me whining day in and day out about wanting something that was a hoot to ride. Something that handled and could have a blast on. I wanted to rebuild my Yamaha RD-350for quite a while to do just that. But the Yami was just to far out of it. So I continued to complain.

Never truly uncontent with what I had in the BMW, but still wishing I had a little bit more. Little did I know that my wife was scheming behind my back.

So with Julies help on the finances side, I began my search for the perfect bike. Back in 2003 I had read all about the new up-and-coming Aprilia Mille. Updated frame, engine, body... it was yummy. That year atthe bike show in Seattle, I sat on one and knew that it was the one. Secretly I carried that around with me.So when this moment came, I knew exactly what I wanted. And let me tell you, CraigsList is awesome.


Friday July 29th I picked it up. The newest addition to my riding collection. A 2004 Aprilia Mille R Factory. The Factory is set aside from the standard R by some goodies; lighter anodized wheels, front and rear Ohlins suspension, radial mounted brakes, some carbon fiber, and it comes pre-setup for only one rider.

So far the bike has had some small improvements. The slip-on's have been "cored" using what the Aprilia community refers to as the "Mossback Core Kit". Available here. The kit comes with all the parts you need to remove the end caps from the slip-ons, then remove the stock coring and tips, and replace it all with a lighter weight core material. It's similar to what you get when you buy aftermarket slip-ons, except that in this case you get to retain the stock look of the Aprilia slip-ons. The next thing that the bike has had done to it is a reflash of the ECU with a different Aprilia firmware by Moto International. These two items should bring up power from the stock 122Hp (rear wheel) to about 128Hp. On target for future performance mods would be to modify the airbox, and install a Power Commander. The airbox mod removes the top of the airbox and uses the bottom of the fuel tank to create a larger ram air box. And of course the Power Commander alters the bikes performance completely via the ECU. Most Aprilia forums seem to claim about 140Hp at the rear wheels with those mods all together.

Anyway, as I do more with the bike I will keep this page updated. For now pics of the bike live here:
Gallery Album of the Mille

Looking for the Aprilia RSVR Service Manuals? Right here:
RSVR Service Manuals

UPDATE September 08, 2006

I have now added an MPL Tuning slave cylinder to the clutch hydrolic system on the bike. I posted about it on Aprilia Forums here. Basically this is a larger bore cylinder with higher quality machining then the stock piece. It makes the pull a bit smoother and seems to help with the bleeding issues that this bike suffers from in the clutch.

MPL Tuning parts can be found at their Ebay page: MPL Tuning.