Animals are so cute

My interest in animals seems to be widely spread out. I am fascinated by everything from frogs and crickets in my back yard, to snakes and spiders that are kept domestically. I wouldn't say that I am a tree hugger, or enviro-freak, but I do feel strongly about convservation, pollution and protecting and interacting with the environment around us. Yes I eat meat. For instance I am greatly bothered by the nuke-and-pave mentality of many strip housing developments. I try to use as much organic "stuff" as I can around my house including fertilizers.

My main animal passion is snakes. I have three aninmals that are my own. Marie is a Ball Python, Calvin is a Black Pine Snake, and Abby is a Red-Tail Boa. All these animals are sorta-rescues. Each is explained on thier own page.

Along the snake line is my involvement in the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society. Currently I sit as Vice President of PNHS. I find great enjoyment in my chance to do Outreaches with schools and groups, as well as taking in rescued animals for our Halfway House and adopting them out to caring families. Take a peek. I am sure you will find it intriguing.