Gorf is this guy... Geoff Sweet

Yeah OK, so the whole point of a personal webspace is so that you can learn a bit about me right? Well here is a nutshell story of who I am, where I came from, and where I am planning on going.

I was born in Seattle Washington in 1975. I have lived all my life in Washington state. I just really like it here. Growing up my parents did a lot to help me and my curiosities. Mom tells stories of me as a child with terrible motor-function skills. She bought me Legos to play with. Since the time I was about 4 till well into High School I LOVED Legos. And I think they are what helped me to be of an engineering type mind.

So I grew up my entire life in Renton. We moved several times, but always just in the same area. I have made some really good friends over the years. Some I still am great friends with, other have disappeared over the years. I don't like to lose friends, but sometimes things just work out that way. Two childhood friends that I lost were Candy Evans, and Burton Sparks. If you guys ever come across this and want to get ahold of me, do so!! Anyway they moved away as kids and we just sorta lost contact. As an adult (more or less right?) I have also had some friends leave me. But oh well, such is life. Paul however is one of my life long best friends. He and I met in kindergarten and it's best-buds ever since. Even though we don't always get to see each other. In fact Paul was my best man at my wedding.

Somewhere around Junior High was when I kinda began to get labeled a bit of an outcast. Paul and I with a few other friends stuck together, but we all were always the "rejects". The ones that got picked on by everyone. I just never really saw what was so cool in the things the popular crowd thought was "cool". I was much more content hanging with my friends, building lego bases and watch Start Trek. It kinda stayed that way until near the end of High School.

In High School I really found a calling. Car stereos. Seems simple and maybe stupid, but that was it. I could design and build speaker enclosures that were on par with very expensive stuff purchased at high-end car stereo shops. People took notice. I began doing electrical work, and designing and building my own amplifiers and various equipment. This helped me to fit in with some crowds at school that were previously off limits.

Toward the end of High School I definitely started to notice some changes in the people around me. The kids who pestered me the worse kept slipping farther and farther out of the lime-light, and I started to make friends with people that I had never thought would be interested in me. Popular people at school, hot girls, dare I say I was actually growing in popularity. All through it Paul and I stayed good friends and even made some new ones. High School left a lot of good and bad memories for me. I don't think I would ever want to repeat it, but I also recognize that it helped develop a lot of my personal beliefs about being who you are regardless of what others think.

After High School I went to college at Renton Technical College. Yeah and let me tell ya what, I was not ready for more school. I suffered through, produced poor grades, was dumped by what I thought was the greatest girl-friend in the universe, and finally managed to not graduate. It was a hard time for me. I REALLY like the class material. Electrical Engineering Technician. But I didn't like the idea of not being a real engineer. The class did actually manage to produce enough experience for me that I could go get a job.

After college I left to go live in Australia with my good friend Patsy and her family. It was an epic time in my life and changed many things about me. If Australia ever called, it wouldn't take much for me to pack up and move there. While I love Washington state, it was in Australia that I really thought "this is my place in the world."

I won't bore you with my resume. Suffice it to say I am in IT now as an Operations Engineer. I basically oversee the operation of an extremely high-uptime environment. I am split between Winblows and my favorite, Linux! My wife and I are trying to get me accepted to Seattle University. I really want to dual-major in Math and Physics. I think my wife humors me in that goal. But Mathematics for sure! That is what I want to do. Be a mathematician.

Did I mention a wife? That is one thing that I have totally forgotten about in the past on this site. Julie and I were married in November of 2000. She is awesome. She is the perfect compliment to me. She helps keep my head on straight, and best of all she knows how to manage money!!!