A type 1 Diabetic

It was 1983. March to be exact. As a child I had a small problem with wetting the bed. Basically I was 8, and I hadn't stopped yet. The doctors opted for some tests to determine if I might have one of any number of conditions that might be triggering the bedwetting. Low and behold they discovered high blood sugars, and ketones in my urine. Yes indeedy I was diabetic.

Back in 1983 and the years that followed some major breakthroughs started to occur that would help all of us Diabetics everywhere. Some of those were as simple as home blood testing kits. Early on in my Diabetes I was assured that urine ketone testing was the way to go! Today we know that if you have ketones in your blood, you have something wrong. New versions of Insulin would also be produced. When I was diagnosed I was prescribed pork insulin. This is insulin that is harvested from pig pacreases. Pigs and humans share a LOT of commonalities in the medical world. Insulin is one of them. Insulin is a peptide hormone that enables the body to metabolize and use glucose. Too much of it and a diabetic gets hypoglycemia. That is when the blood-glucose levels fall to low. Left untreated and the Diabetic can experience coma's and eventually death. Fortunately, treating it is as simple as chugging a Coke. Something with glucose in it. yummy! Too little insulin is just as bad. Too little and you experience Hyperglycemia. This is when your blood sugar runs very high. Excessively high blood sugar causes long term health effects, liver damage, kidney failure, and eventually death. Fortunatley there is an easy way to prevent that. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF.

So we have home testing blood kits that gives you on-demand readings of your blood (now a days in less then 10 seconds). Yeah when I was diagnosed the HOT blood-testing unit took over 3 minutes to determine your blood sugar levels. And guess what? It was nothing more then strips that you compared to a chart. I thought I had gone to heaven when I got a machine that electronically gave readings. But one advancement would by far prove to be the best advance ever. The Insulin pump. As this site progresses I will put pictures of my pump on here.

The Insulin Pump

The insulin pump that I have is produced by a company called MiniMed