Pierlucio Tinazzi

Some time ago I posted this story in a motorcycle forum that I frequent. I'm not totally sure where this account originated from as I found it second hand on another forum. Someone replied to me and told me it was originally via some dude named Marc Glasgow who has since passed away. Anyway I wanted to make sure I kept it around, so here it is on my site. There are some additional links at the end of the story.


This is the story of the world's bravest biker hero that you've almost assuredly never heard of.

2008 BMW R1200GS

Well the K1200GT sold to it's new owner, and he's very happy. Free of that bike I decided to try to stretch my legs a little differently. I bought a new R1200GS. I have to say this thing is a BALL! I've had way more fun on it in the last few days then I did on my GT. I've already ordered farkles for it as well. Updates later.