Moldova 2014

August 2014 was a 2 week trip to Moldova. Few Americans know about this small country land locked between Romania and Ukraine. Moldovans are lovely people, and the country is just awesome. However, as Moldova works toward their EU membership, it has become more and more tough for many Moldovans. There is a lot of poor villages that need help and support and a growing issue with human trafficking that needs to be stamped out. If you ever want to find somewhere off the beaten path to visit, look no further than Moldova! Check out more pics here and here!

2005 Range Rover

This is my new 2005 Range Rover HSE. I've got a few things to do to it still to really feel like it's mine. I'd like to scale the 19" rims down to 18"'s so I can get better off-roading tires on it. And I am going to build a small cargo drawer in the back. But it's great to drive and is thus far a lot of fun!

Update! (10/18/2011)
One each failed ZF tranny. Hoping to get this taken care of under extended warranty! Bigg's Automotive has been amazingly helpful in all this.

Disable Google Autocomplete

I hate Google Autocomplete. Some of the changes that Google has made to their site drive me nuts, but Google Autocomplete is by far the worst. It is the ability for the site to start searching on content as you type it into the search bar. Well, if you hate Google Autocomplete as much as I do, and you want to disable it there is an easy way. Set your browser's home page to:

The "webhp?complete=0" component tells Google to disable Google Autocomplete. Ahhh peace...

The countdown begins

The deposit has been made on my new 2011 BMW K1600GT. Now I wait patiently while the first bikes prepare to arrive into the US.

Patience... patience... WHERE IS IT!!!?!?!?!

The new K1600GT is an inline 6 cylinder displacing approximately 1600cc. Very excited.

Woodland Park Zoo

February 28, 2010 marked the last day of operation of the Woodland Park Zoo's award-winning Nocturnal House. If you have never been, then I am sorry to say you missed out on one of the best zoo exhibits in a long time. The whole building was nighttime, and the enclosures were very large with several species of animals living together in what looks like natural habitat. The displays were sorta grouped by locales. Easily my favorite were the bat displays. Large species of bat from around the world would happily eat and clean themselves in front of you while others would crawl (yes crawl upside down with their little fingers and feet) along long vines and ropes while down below you would run various species of nocturnal bird and mammals.

Environmentally sound cooling

I have to give some big props to Attic Breeze for making an outstanding product. Today I installed my new AB-201A solar powered attic vent and man it blows... seriously. During the fall of 2008 my neighbor and I insulated our attic. Our homes are both the product of mid-70's construction and lacked very thick insulation in the attic. Consequently we lost a lot of heat through the ceiling during the winter, and roasted during the summer. With nice new R30 batting installed, we gained the thermal efficiency back, but I discovered a new problem. The attic didn't have a lot of ventilation to begin with, and with the new insulation, it made the issue even worse. I was recording temperatures in the low 140's F!

Good-Bye my friend

After many fun years I am saying good-bye to my 1975 Cadillac Miller Meteor Hearse. I am happy to say that it is going to owners who are very excited to own it. Here is myself and the Hearse's new owner Ron Nicolino.

It is with great sadness that I come to find out, just weeks after having sold my Hearse to Ron that he passed away. I didn't know him well but the couple hours we spent loading up the hearse revealed a very keen man with a wonderful outlook on life. I truly wish I had gotten the chance to know Ron Nicolino better.
Ron's obit